I generally work in print and produce event promotion literature (eg flyers, posters), catalogues, magazines, newspapers and so on as well as brand strategy, logo and communications design. I have a couple of partners who work in digital. Clients I have worked with include Motorola, Cuba Lancaster, St John Ambulance, University of London, Lancaster University, SCAN, 93 Feet East and The Willow Trust. Below is a few examples of my work over the past couple of years. If you would like any work doing please contact me through here, twitter me or email joeadamfry(at) call me on 078160 81590. Cheers.

Noisy Toys: 93 Feet East Event Promotion
November 2009

The brief was to ‘make a robot out of sub-woofers’ for Nippy, promoter of Noisy Toys at 93 Feet East. The only thing I wasn’t happy with was his middle tummy section, but this was a late amend as they didn’t want Marshall guitar amps in there, which he previously boasted. Should be a good night…


WAGTALE: Dreams Of Spacestations EP
July 2009

DOS Screenshot

FUSION: The Last One
20th June 2009

Last design for Fusion, montaging the past year of Fusion design work.

Fusion Lat One

Cuba Lancaster: Fusion St. Paddy’s
17th March 2009

Difficult to come up with a St Patrick’s day design that isn’t all shamrocks and leprechauns. So we go iconic, ala Guinness St P merch stuff circa 04/05 I believe…


University of London / CSSD
September 2008

This is some literature I produced for the Central School of Speech and Drama, part of the University of London. Work included the design, concepting and production of a programme, flyer and information booklet for a performance festival entitled ‘In/Scissions’.

CSSD Catalogue


September 2008

Poster / Flyer set for University DJ Mix Night.



October 2008 – January 2009

Monkey is a student magazine insert for the bi-weekly newspaper at Lancaster University, SCAN. I have been in charge of editing, writing, designing and producing the series over the past few months, using a business model based around funding through local small business advertising; designing the ads for local businesses as well as content including games, cartoons, reviews etc.




August 2008

‘Letch’ is a piece of mixed media art used as a magazine illustration last year. It references ‘Gentlemen prefer Blondes’; although I’m not sure what it does actually have to say about the whole thing.



January 2009

I design all of Cuba Nightclub (Lancaster)’s literature. Here are some examples.



More to come.


4 Responses

  1. Your designs are interesting, I’d been trying to access your folio for a while. Have only viewed the new folio on my phone but I am really quite impressed with the magazine illustration you have here, do you have any more examples?

    We would potentially be interested in giving you some work illustrating.

    Also check us out at

  2. Thanks Phillip. The link you gave at the ene dof your comment appears to be dead – any clues? Who do you work for, or at any rate, what did you want me to illustrate?

    Thankyou for your comments. Hope we can speak soon


  3. Your work is amazing.

    If anyone asks me about getting proffessional designs i might turn them your way how much do you charge for designing say a night club poster?

  4. Depends on the work. Normally £30-100 depending on the brief.

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