‘I know that half of my advertising money is wasted … I just don’t know which half’

Just been reading about measuring effectiveness online, which led me to this guys blog post

His opening line pretty much sums up his argument: “This is the idea that if agencies could agree on a single way of measuring “effectivness”, irrespective of whether the ad is online or offline, the industry would get back to normal.”

He goes on to say how online advertising is measurable and advertisers are beginning to favour this accountability over the more volatile nature of offline. I do agree, to an extent…but online advertising isn’t as easy to measure as one would like to think.

This article basically makes the same point, other than it focuses exclusively on online – only when a single currency is developed intra-disciplinarily can a cross-discipline or “standard set of methods” be developed.

And furthermore, is this even desirable? To the client, yes, but to creativity…I’m not so sure. When Paul talks about the industry ‘returning to normal’ as a result of standardized effectiveness measurement, what is this norm? Back in the ‘good old days’ of creativity in ad agencies (an idealized view I’m sure, and perhaps not desirable today – but still, something he seems to allude to), there was a very different call for accountability.

The key for me is in balancing measurement, stats, quants and standardization with a creative, engaging and dynamic context for brands to ‘live’ in a cross-platform space: online, offline, virally and out of the box…