Agencies, New Business, Opportunities and Blogging

Michael Gass over at Fuel Lines recently posted an article discussing the use of agency blogs as first point of call for new business development.

“Your blog is one of the most important agency new business tools you will find. It is becoming the gateway portal for an ad agency’s prospective clients. Your website is becoming more like an agency brochure or portfolio.

I’ve stated repeatedly that the key to effective new business tactics is consistency. For an agency to maintain their new business efforts when they are busy, is a chore. New business activities are usually the first things that are put on the back burner. But from my own experience, when you are busy is often the best time to step up your new business efforts.

Everyone has the same problem. Most agencies are busy. When I mention blogging to my clients, their first reaction is, ” They don’t have time.” But when they see the value of having a blog, how inexpensive it is and how the content created for the blog can be used in so many other internet applications, they are converted.”

I totally agree with this: some agencies have exemplary blogs that are useful and engaging, whereby clients, fellow practitioners or just people with an opinion can have conversations, which ultimately can lead to new business opportunities – or opportunities of any kind. Certainly, this is not the case if an agency blog is naval gazing, introspective or impersonal piffle.

I think a great example of how top do this well is we are social … the ‘brand’ of the blog, is the people. You can see their twitters, their posts…all under the umbrella of the organisation, with the ‘portfolio site’ norm reinforcing the front of shop ‘This is who we are, this is what we reckon’.

And as an aside – for me its not necessarily about New Business…its about opportunities in general; for beginning and building upon relationships.


New URL and Design Section


It seems maybe pointless to say this on the blog itself, but it is nice to mention. I bought today for £10.40 for the year, which seemed reasonable and stops anyone else from buying it. Coincidentally, my previous design portfolio site ( is presently parked, and so I thought I could easily open up a design section through this blog, and that is what I have done: at, (Or click on the design tab at the top of the page) which I quite like really. It suggests there is more to me than just design, an allusion not made with the previous domain. Ah what a great weekend this truly is. Check it out anyway guys, and I will be updating the design section regularly with my portfolio of work.




I got this idea from Iain Tate who talks about having a peek at the ‘Computers behind blogs’, whereby you basically just upload a photo of your machine. Nice idea and resultant flickr group Computers Behind Blogs.

bullshit bingo


Every time you hear one of the over used clichés in the above 5×5 grid, circle it. Once you have a completed row, either up, down across, or even diagonal [passing through the centre- like on Catch Phrase] then you have the right to stand up and shout BULLSHIT! at the top of
your voice so everyone in the office can hear you. Your prize is a Twix.


If you read blogs, and think that you’re getting everyday man’s opinion on stuff, like I do, don’t you think it should be considered that these people that blog actually have the audacity to blog in the first place?