New URL and Design Section


It seems maybe pointless to say this on the blog itself, but it is nice to mention. I bought today for £10.40 for the year, which seemed reasonable and stops anyone else from buying it. Coincidentally, my previous design portfolio site ( is presently parked, and so I thought I could easily open up a design section through this blog, and that is what I have done: at, (Or click on the design tab at the top of the page) which I quite like really. It suggests there is more to me than just design, an allusion not made with the previous domain. Ah what a great weekend this truly is. Check it out anyway guys, and I will be updating the design section regularly with my portfolio of work.





I got this idea from Iain Tate who talks about having a peek at the ‘Computers behind blogs’, whereby you basically just upload a photo of your machine. Nice idea and resultant flickr group Computers Behind Blogs.


If you read blogs, and think that you’re getting everyday man’s opinion on stuff, like I do, don’t you think it should be considered that these people that blog actually have the audacity to blog in the first place?