Twitter = Unbelievable (We live in exponential times #2)



Jonathan Ross (@Wossy) discusses Brand joining Twitter at about half 10. Wossy reveals Brand is ‘now on Twitter’ as @rustyrockets. EIGHTEEN MINUTES LATER he has nearly 2000 people following him. That is fucking unbelievable.



Measuring Digital Brand Activity

It shouldn’t be difficult to understand a decent piece of digital brand activity. But brand engagement online
remains somewhat of an enigma. Measurement runs up against numerous problems, including the context
specificity of online experience, the individuality of brand engagement, audience characteristics, individual
difference, the dynamics of brand communities in online interaction, and mutual contagion between online
and offline media – to list but a few.

In particular, the use of quantitative measures (unique visits, etc) – whilst very powerful – can be premature
when quality of brand engagement, key to brand equity, is imperfectly understood. The proposed research
will explore digital brand effectiveness in order to move toward a clearer, more coherent and more inclusive
conceptualization for measurement.

Heightened competition and increased complexity in the digital environment calls for increased openness,
and the current economic climate means that digital agencies must collaborate to exist: ‘co-opetition’ is
growing and a mutuality of experience between advertisers, agencies, suppliers, competitors and consumers
is coming to the fore. However, in this ‘co-opetitive’ context, it is a question of which brands can harness the
powerful technologies at their disposal in order to remove inefficiencies, share knowledge, drive engagement
(rather than just analyze it) and prove the value of investment in digital through measurable ROI and
engaging environments.