One Awesome Plastic Bag

My Luxembourgish friend showed me this today. I love how the old woman looks like she’s carrying a crate of beer.

plastic bag

And wouldn’t it be great if the trend continues whereby innovative design encourages the re-use of plastic bags? Maybe if I had one of these guys I’d remember to take it to the shops with me more often…


Bit of Design: GZ Cafe Bar Opener Teasers

Some new designs using photography by Eliza Woodcock. Check out her other stuff here. Trying to summon up some decent copy for it…was thinking something like ‘coffee, cocktails, cerveza’, but don’t know if that’s a bit queer.

Open in 3 weeks

Open in 2 weeks

Bit of Design: ‘Capella’ Choir Live Recording Sleeve Work


For Rob’s Mum’s Choir, isn’t it.

New URL and Design Section


It seems maybe pointless to say this on the blog itself, but it is nice to mention. I bought today for Β£10.40 for the year, which seemed reasonable and stops anyone else from buying it. Coincidentally, my previous design portfolio site ( is presently parked, and so I thought I could easily open up a design section through this blog, and that is what I have done: at, (Or click on the design tab at the top of the page) which I quite like really. It suggests there is more to me than just design, an allusion not made with the previous domain. Ah what a great weekend this truly is. Check it out anyway guys, and I will be updating the design section regularly with my portfolio of work.



Its an app for Screengrab, Imagegrab, Videograb, better than skitch…some real cool features.

Good functionality, sexy…plus pretty handy to boot. It sits in the corner of your screen and…nah, I don’t want to spoil it…

Visit their website

or download it for mac here:
or download it for pc here:

and read decent review of it here:

oh, and i found out about it here: (On Jonathan Macdonald’s Blog)

Nice as chips.