Roadkill Flavour anyone?


Walkers have announced the winners of their ‘Do us a flavour, win a packet’ campaign, and you can now vote on which flavour you think is the best. Surprisingly, my suggestion of ‘Roadkill’ flavour is not shortlisted, although I love the idea of special editions specified by their location (eg ‘Possibly a Fox, Just off Junction 4 on the A526’), and the subsequent interactive media implications (geo-tagging, ‘Roadkill Flavour’ Walker’s Google Maps app etc…)…I did in fact receive an ‘inappropriateness’ letter in return from Walkers indicating that it would not be considered. Their loss. Although; ‘Cajun Squirrel’?…maybe they did rip off my idea….

First of all I wanted to comment on what an excellent piece of old-school copywriting this was in the first place: it is funny, clever, relevant, and engaging, and has two (yes count them, two) puns in only one sentence. Excellent.

Secondly, I think the flavours that have come out of the public’s collective imagination are pretty damned good. ‘Chilli and Chocolate’ is a personal favourite of mine (with steak, nice)…’Onion Bhaji’ is another likely favourite (although I’m not sure about its representation in the image above of just having ‘an Indian woman’…is that particularly PC? I don’t know. Maybe it’s better than an oriental woman with a duck on her head)…and ‘Builder’s Breakfast’ sounds nice if a bit filthy.

Moreover, it’s a good bit of fun that certainly sparked conversation over what people might suggest, often with reasonably humorous outcomes. I’m not sure if this is a reasonably humorous outcome, but I found it funny:

PLUS, Heston Blumenthal judging to boot.